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Anabol (Methandienone) 5mg/tab. (1000 tab.) BRITISH DISPENSARY


Product: ANABOL

Packaging: 5mg/tab. (1000 tab.)

Substance: Methandienone


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Metandienone is the most known androgenic and anabolic steroid. It's known as methandienone or methandrostenolone and sold under the name Dianabol or Danabol. If you’re looking for impressive fast gains in weight that give you that pumped feel and look, then Methandienone is for you.
*One of the most popular and one of the most important steroids
*Impressive very fast acting
*Huge weight gain as much as 8kg of mass in a few weeks with proper diet
*Champion for off-season bulking  
*Significant strength increase among the best strength increasing steroids on the market  
*Enhanced endurance and recovery  
*Works well with Testosterone.
Side effects:
*Water retention – not ideal in cutting cycles, promotes high blood pressure  
*Quite strong estrogenic side effects
*Acne, hair loss, negative effect on cholesterol
Should be used with anti-estrogens like Tamoxifen Citrate and Aromatase Inhibitors like Letrozole  
Dosage: 15mg - 25mg per day for beginners. Advanced 30-35mg per day. Expert 50mg per day
Use for 6-8 weeks

Data sheet

Shipping Free Shipping
Gender Unisex
By Type Lower body
Maximum Weight Capacity 220lb
Overall Dimensions 46"(W) x 21"(L) x 60-1/4"(H)
Resistance Levels 8
Electronic Display LCD Display
Material 12


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